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QR Code?  What is this QR you speak of why does it get to drive?

QR Code for Mobile Link to Youtube video content - QR Code LogoThe short answer is QR is a Quick Response Code that is a form of a two dimensional bar code much like the one dimensional bar codes that are on most of the products we buy.

By using another axis, this code has the ability to store much more information.  Is the QR Code and resulting Microsoft tag New?  Actually the QR Code | Microsoft tag and the SMS Text Message had the same birth year, 1992. Toyota was running one of the few remaining US based automotive plants that were multiple tooled (one car down the line is a X model, the next a van and maybe the next a SUV).  The time it took to communicate the new project and retool the line needed a solution.  They needed something that could have every part number, screw size, paint mix, wire, seat, etc. and input it in the system in a quick way that allowed stations to work at their own pace.  They invented to QR Code to perform this task. Each station could scan the qr and have all the data necessary to perform their task in one qr sticker that was located in the same place with every car.
  Next in line to realize the value of two dimensional bar codes was the shipping industry.  A normal bar code is useless with the loss of only one bar while a QR Code in theory can loose as much as 40% of the code and still work.  While the real world error correction is not as high as 40%, it is the feature that allows us to modify the codes for aesthetics and branding.

QR or Microsoft Tag

The full marketing potential of the QR Code | Microsoft tag is not even realized yet.  We do know that the small amount of scans a QR Code | Microsoft tag and will get often outpaces the other channels despite a fraction of the interaction or cost.  Mobile marketing changes the world you run your business in.  You step into a new dimension where 98% of marketing messages are read (on SMS Text) and almost half the population makes over $100k per year (48.34% of iPad owners have a family income in excess of 100k while only 6% of US homes meet this standard) and about 15 minutes after your start a new marketing campaign, your customers are showing up on site and by the time you shut off the lights you have completed the campaign, have the money back in your business and the profits in your pocket.  Buy a Custom QR Code | Microsoft tag

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